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Company Picnics

Give Your Guests the Ultimate Experience at Your Next Company Picnic

Does your company picnic scream excitement, or is it something your guests show up to for a free bite, and then take off? You work so hard to make this day special, and then you receive little or no response from the people you labored for.

We know how it can feel. We've seen it a thousand times. You work hard to not only please your employees and their families but you also want to be appreciated for your hard work.

We Guarantee They Will Be Thanking You For A Wonderful Experience

We have worked with many companies whose events left something to be desired. And, by working closely with them, we have turned their events into an experience worth repeating. We will do the same for you!

We know what it takes to piece together the perfect event. It is an event that will reward your employees for their hard work, and show their families that you care. It will literally lift their sprits, as well as their morale, and give them a chance to play and act like kids again (and the kids can just be themselves).

Here Are A Few Important Points To Remember:

~ Our Team are masters at creating dynamic events that are stress free for you and AMAZING for your guests.

~ At Busy Bee, we understand how important it is to have something for everyone. We take great pride in making sure each event we create is custom tailored for you and your guests! Each guest will feel like it was created just for them!

~ We meet with you in person to go over all of your needs.

~ The Busy Bee team always shows up early for set-up, and creates an eye appealing event site that will have them saying WOW!

~ Our staff will always be friendly, professional, well dressed, and ready to show your guests a terrific time!

~ Your event site will be left spotless, and trash free.

~ Your guests will go home with memories that will last a lifetime.

~ YOU will look like an event planning SUPER HERO and have people thanking you for the best event ever! (We will be the "secret weapon" you use to help make it happen

Contact us TODAY to find out just how simple and amazing a Busy Bee picnic can be!

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